Useful tools

extract images from videos: apps/preprocess/

python3 apps/preprocess/ ${data}

Extra flags:

flag type  
–image str output directory(default images)
–ffmpeg str path to ffmpeg(default ffmpeg)
–transpose int transpose for ffmepeg(default -1, for clockwise)

copy and sample dataset: scripts/preprocess/

python3 scripts/preprocess/ /path/to/input /path/to/output

Extra flags:

flag type  
–start int start frame(default 0)
–end int end frame(default None)
–step int sample step(default 1)
–scale float resize image with scale(default 1)

Export vertices

python3 apps/postprocess/ ${data}/output-vposer-3d/smpl ${data}/output-vposer-3d/vertices --cfg_model ${data}/output-vposer-3d/cfg_model.yml --mode vertices

Export triangle mesh

python3 apps/postprocess/ ${data}/output-vposer-3d/smpl ${data}/output-vposer-3d/mesh --cfg_model ${data}/output-vposer-3d/cfg_model.yml --mode mesh

MoCap ==> NeuralBody

# convert to vertices
python3 apps/postprocess/ ${data}/output-smpl-3d/smpl ${data}/output-smpl-3d/vertices --cfg_model ${data}/output-smpl-3d/cfg_model.yml --mode vertices
# render mask
python3 apps/postprocess/ ${data} --exp output-smpl-3d --mode instance-d0.05 --ranges 0 1400 1