Capture YouTube

  1. Download the videos from Youtube
  2. Extract the images and mannually clip

Download the videos from Youtube

Find some channels in the YouTube like 잇츠유림 It’s U Limn . In their homepage, you may find many related videos like this.

Given the youtube link, we will try to download its max resolution:

# install the pytube
python3 -m pip install pytube
# download the video given the url
python3 scripts/dataset/ "" --database ${database}

Extract the images and mannually clip

First extract the images.

# extract the videos to images
python3 apps/preprocess/ ${database}

Mannually clip the images:

python3 apps/annotation/ ${database}

Main operations: a/d for previous/next frame, w/s for previous/next 100th frame. j for recoding the start of the clip; k for recording the end of the clip; l for add this clip to database.

The arrow at the top indicates the current loaction After press j, the red arrow shows the start position After press k, the right red arrow shows the end position
After press l, the clips will be red. Repeat this operation, you can record multiple clips.  
  • Some tutorial has different speed of the same motion, just use the most slow clip as it can give less motion blur.

After this annotation, copy the clips to ${data}

python3 apps/annotation/ ${database} --copy --out ${data}