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Body Model

  1. Body Model
    1. parameter Rh
    2. SMPL+H
    3. MANO left + right
    4. TODO

parameter Rh

Original SMPL model use the first 3-dim of poses to represent the body orientation, instead we use an extra Rh and fill the first 3-dim with zero.


SMPL+H model remove the last 2 joints of SMPL model and append hand parameters.

full pose [0, 3) [3, 60) [60, 63) [63, 66) [66, 66+45) [66+45, 66+45+45)
meaning rot poses wrist L wrist R poses L poses R

The rotation of wrist is not equal to rotation of MANO.

MANO left + right

This model is composed with MANO(left) and MANO(right). The poses parameter means:

full pose [0, 3) [3, 48) [48, 51) [51,96)
meaning rot L poses L rot R poses R


  • Support euler angles